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EcoMAXX™ Control Panels

Intrinsically Safe Control Panels with status lights monitor dust levels and provide system shut-down capability for one or more No Return Explosion Isolation Valves. All models are listed UL intrinsically safe and NFPA 69 compliant.

EcoBOSS™ Power Box Ultimate Control Panels

Power Box Ultimate Control Panels provide the ultimate in energy efficiency and system automation for all dust collection applications. Multiple models and options are available dependent on application requirements and system complexity.

EcoMAXX™ Fire Control Systems

Fire Control Systems provide double security protection for up to 5 duct zones standard. Multiple duct zones installed direct to the dust collector are a key design feature for all EcoBOSS™ Energy Management Systems.



EcoBOSS™ Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives are available as a stand-alone option or can be installed inside most EcoBOSS™ Control Panels. EB SVD Variable Speed Drives are an essential component for any EcoBOSS™ Energy Management System to
modulate fan speed based on real time demand and system conditions.



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