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Abrasive Blasting and Shot Blast

  • Abrasive blasting  or blast finishing, with all its variations, can provide enough power to remove heavy surface materials, or can be gentle enough to take print off paper without penetration. Typically, blasting provides one of three general – as a surface finishing, surface preparation, or surface modification process.​

Cement and Minerals
Following are a few examples of dust control opportunities:

  • Limestone Quarrying
  • Primary & Secondary Crushing
  • Additive Blending & Storage
  • Material Transfer & Storage
  • Raw Feed Grinding & Storage
  • Cement Kiln Dust Capture & Handling
  • Clinker Handling & Storage
  • Gypsum Handling & Storage
  • Lime Storage & Injection
  • Fly Ash & Activated Carbon Handling & Storage
  • Finished Cement Handling, Storage, & Distribution
Chemicals and Plastics

The plastics and resins industry is unique in the chemical industry. There are two broad classifications of plastics: thermoplastic resins produced by addition polymerization processes, and thermosetting resins made by condensation polymerization processes. Thermoplastic resins may be remolded with the addition of heat and thermosetting resins can't.

Food Processing

Food processing industries move a variety of products – grain, sugar, flour, dairy, cocoa, cereal, spices and many more.  Depending on the application, there may be concern with cross contamination, sanitary regulations, and/or food handling regulations.

Foundry: Sand Handling, Metal Melting, Mold Pouring, and Casting Cleaning

The word “Foundries” encompasses a broad group from large multi building facilities that melt iron to cast counterweight blocks for cranes weighing hundreds of tons to a single room where precious metals are melted and cast into intricate shapes for jewelry. In general, most have the following common processes:

  • Sand handling,
  • Metal melting,
  • Mold pouring, and
  • Casting cleaning.



With nearly 90 years of experience engineering dust collectors and filters, Donaldson® Torit® is the name you can trust above all others for cleaner glass and ceramic processing.

Commercially produced glass can be classified as soda-lime, lead, fused silica, borosilicate, or 96 percent silica with soda- lime glass representing three-quarters of the glass produced. Glass is manufactured from materials that are crushed, weighed, mixed and melted to produce flat glass, container glass, pressed glass and blown glass.  

Grain, Agriculture, and Feed

Since its introduction in 2008, more than 300 Donaldson Torit® PowerCore®CP collectors have been installed in grain handling and processing facilities worldwide and are quickly becoming the new industry standard for grain dust control.

Torit cartridge style dust collectors (DFO and DFT) in the seed-treatment industry and Dalamatic® collectors in milling and oilseed processing industries illustrate just some of the versatile collectors available from Donaldson to meet the dust collection needs of the grain and agriculture industries.

Welding, Plasma Cutting & Laser Cutting Fumes

Industrial lasers cut flat-sheet material as well as structural and piping materials. Welding often generates gases and smoke containing particles of various types of oxides. Many processes produce gases (most commonly carbon dioxide and ozone, but others as well) that can prove dangerous if ventilation is inadequate. Plasma (Arc) Cutting allows cutting of metals that could not be flame cut, such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper.​ 

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