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PowerCore Filter Packs

Donaldson Torit replacement cartridge filters and bags cost less in the long run by delivering longer filter life, higher efficiency and energy savings. With more than 90,000 replacement filters for all collectors in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours, Donaldson Torit is your source to get be​tter replacement filters fast.

Cartridge Filters

Donaldson® Torit® filters keep dust collectors operating at peak performance. Offered for a full range of dust, fume and mist collection applications, Donaldson Torit filters—especially our proprietary Ultra-Web® filters—outperform and outlast other filters. When it comes to Ultra-Web filters, there is no equal in performance and value.​​​​​

Ultra-Web SB
Ultra-Web AS
Torit-Tex CD
Torit-Tex HCD
High Temperature
Bag Filters

Breathe easier with bag filters from the worldwide leader in dust collection. From Dura-Life high performance bags to specialty bags, no one can match Donaldson Torit’s breadth and expertise. For the best bag filters that keep any brand of baghouse dust collector operating at its peak, rely on Donaldson Torit.​​​ 

Bag Filters Brochure
Dura-Life Polyester Datasheet
Dura-Life Oleophobic Datasheet
Dura-Life Epitropic Datasheet
Pleated Bag Filters

For more than two decades, Donaldson Torit has advanced the proven and proprietary Ultra-Web® technology. Made with an electrospinning process that produces a very fine, continuous fiber of 0.2-0.3 micron in diameter, Ultra-Web nanofibers form a permanent web-like net with very fine interfiber spaces that trap dust on the surface of the media. Combining superior Ultra-Web technology with a sturdy spunbond polyester substrate, the Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filters deliver longer filter life, higher efficiency, and greater cost savings for baghouse collectors.

Pleated Bag Filters with Ultra-Web® SB Brochure
Torit-Tex Pleated Bag Filters Data Sheet

Helix Tube Cassette Data Sheet
Helix Tube Rack Data Sheet
Panel Filters

Our panel filters are made of lightweight yet sturdy aluminum, contain superior filter media, and come with built-in handles for easier maintenance.

Cartridge Filters Brochure
HEPA & 95% DOP Panel Filters Brochure
Ultra Cylindrical HEPA Filters Data Sheet
Thermo-Web™ Cartridge Data Sheet
Replacement Parts

Donaldson Torit is committed to our customers, so we continue to offer filters, parts, manuals and guidance long after we stop offering a collector. Your first call for support of our collectors and of our competitors collectors should always be to Donaldson Torit. ​