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IRD Dust Collectors

The Donaldson Torit IRD dust collector is designed to use a downflow air pattern and gravity to clean dust trapped on the inner surface of the filter bags and to force the dust into the disposal bags at the bottom of the collector. This unique design means that expensive compressed air is not needed in the operation of the IRD dust collector.

An easy and economical solution for a wide range of wood dust collection applications.

  • Complete dust collection package includes fan, fan motor, push-button fan starter, bag filters and clear plastic dust disposal bags.
  • Fan provides high vacuum pressure with low operating sound levels for cleaner workplaces and lower sound levels.
  • Down flow air pattern allows airflow and gravity to move filtered dust to collection receptacles for longer bag filter life and reduced pressure drop.
  • Adjustable airflow baffles equalize dust dispersion to all collection receptacles, which minimizes emptying cycles.
  • Cageless filters and tool-free filter replacement reduce maintenance time.
  • Filtered air returning to interior workspace reduces HVAC costs.
  • Dura-Life™ "Twice the Life" bag filters provide longer bag life, which reduces maintenance costs and lowers pressure drop.
  • Optional automatic shaker is available for better collector performance.
  • Fans with higher static pressure are available for more demanding applications.



  • Dust laden air is pushed into the dirty air plenum by a high volume, high pressure heavy duty material handling fan. The dusty air is evenly distributed down inside of the high flow polyester bags which capture the dust and allow clean air to pass back into the work environment. Dust captured inside the bag is carried down into the dust receptacles at the bottom of the collector via gravity and airflow. An optional automatic shaker is available for even better collector performance.

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